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Renew Daily Toner Pads

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Renew Daily Toner Pads Acne Medication

These toner pads are ideal for added exfoliation and brightening of the skin. They contain glycolic and lactic acids to aid cell turnover, and salicylic acid to clean deep within the pores of your skin. This formula also includes oligopeptide 10, a powerful anti-bacterial agent, to help reduce acne. They are ideal for daily exfoliation and maintenance for more oily and congested skin types.

Benefits: Cleansing pad that gently exfoliates the skin and reduces the appearance of your pores. Effective for controlling acne.

Recommended Use: Apply 1-2 times daily as a toner after cleansing with Energize Foaming Cleanser.

Skin type(s): Appropriate for all skin types, especially for acneic skin.

Ingredients: See label. Contains salicylic acid combined with nicotinyl. trichloroacetamide and oligopeptide-10.